The Top Hairstyle And Make-Up Trends Of 2018 Fashion Show

Oh! How we love to emulate the fashion icons strutting the catwalks from New York to Paris. Fashionistas on the international platform act as our fashion guides and philosophers, as they create the unimaginable hairdos along with the make-up. Models,sashaying on the runways with lips colored in unique colors and tresses tied in never-seen-before knots or with hair going beyond the hips, leave us enthralled.We give you the latest trends in hairstyles and make-up that 2018 is set to witness:


#1The Balenciaga cut

The Balenciaga runway provided a revelation of sorts where hairstyle is concerned, what with the abbreviated lengths created by hairstylist Holli Smith. They suited oh-so-well on models such as, Stella Tennant and Jane Moseley. The effect was created by shearing long hair into jagged boy cuts. Needless to say, the trend is set to make waves as more and more fashion-conscious people are opting for it.


           #2 The magnificent hair accessories

It is not only the hairstyles that make us go oooh! but also the hair accessories that complement the look. And there is plenty to choose from, like the jewel-encrusted crown from Dolce and Gabbana, floral headpieces from Rodarte, perspex ponytail wraps from Chanel, single pearl-encrusted clip from Rochas, not to mention the twin gold medallion barrettes from Versace. This is not all, what is also making the heads swivel are the neon twine threads and pastel scrunchies.


#3 Gloss and shine

It is always a joy to watch the models strutting the runway display strategically placed highlights and glossy strands and the center-parted hair. These styles prove an ideal backdrop for the natural skin to glow on its own.


#4 Rapunzel’s Hair

How we marvel at Rapunzel’s long flowing tresses. Well, this yesteryear trend is making a comeback in 2018 with waist-length colored waves and fiery red curls, both of hip-grazing lengths. Even if you don’t have natural long tresses to boast of, you can do well using extensions to get that bewitching effect.


#5 Sparkling accents

All that glitters is not gold, but it may be Swarovski crystals that the top celebrities are opting for to adorn their hair strands. These sparkling accents and glitter-saturated strands are turning heads. They not only give an amazing look to the hair, but also make a style statement.


#6 Pink is in

The soft pink looks so adorable! The ‘rose quartz’ dye is in giving a glorious touch of pink on the face in different shades that range from pastel to bright neon. It looks amazing when applied to the cheekbones and temples or smudged on the lids or pressed into the lips.


#7Classy kohl

The ingenious Marc Jacobs has six variations of the jet-black style, differentiated via the eye shapes. One of them is the signature Amy Winehouse’s famed heavy-handed flicks. Others include vivid and pastel blocks of color, and rounded flicks.


#8 The sensual red lips

Applying red on the lips has been practiced since antiquity and surprisingly retains its appeal to this day. Today, the red is complemented by mouths blurred at the edges for a soft-focus finish and gloss stained appearance.





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