Don’t you sometimes wonder why you are unable to recreate the hair that was set in a salon or a barbershop? Well, not only are the barbers and hairstylists experts in their job, they know the hair products well.

But, worry not. We give you some men’s hairstyling tips that will serve you well and may even obviate your need for a hairstylist. For this, we will familiarize you with the styling products and how you can use them for best effect.

#1 Pomades


Pomades are greasy, waxy or water-based products used for hairstyling. They are best for sleek, shorter or texturized styles, much like that of the football star, David Beckham. Pomades give a wet and shiny look and are ideal for giving separation to long hair. For applying, slightly damp your hair and then take a small amount of pomade on the palm. Rub your palms to warm the product and apply thoroughly through your hair, working from ends to root.

#2 Waxes


men's hairstyling tips
men’s hairstyling tips

Although similar to pomades, waxes have a more aggressive hold on the hair. They are ideal for short styles that add shine and control to short-cuts, like that of the Hollywood star, Matt Damon. They are also best for managing very thick hair. After you have dried your hair completely after removing the oil, take a small amount of wax on the palm and rub the palms together to warm the product. Now apply it to the hair, going from the ends to root.


#3 Muds and fibers 

men's hairstyling tips
men’s hairstyling tips

Muds or fibers are used for maximum control and are meant for giving texture to short, disheveled hair. These products are also perfect for adding separation to long styles. Some muds and fibers provide a non-glossy, matte finish, much like the Hollywood star Colin Farrell. Before applying, ensure that your hair is absolutely dry. Take the product on the palm of your hand, rub the hands together to warm it and apply it thoroughly up till the base of the roots.


#4 Creams

men's hairstyling tips
men’s hairstyling tips

If you have seen the hair of Hollywood star, Christian Bale, you will find his frizzy, flyaways usually controlled by creams. Styling creams are often the best choice for such hair since they give it a natural look. A lighter finish with light creams admirably controls flyaways and makes shorter styles neat. For this, wash your hair and apply smooth cream to it. For fine hair, use less amount to avoid the greasy look.


#5 Gels

men's hairstyling tips
men’s hairstyling tips

For strongholds and wet looks, like that of Gordon Gekko, gels are a perfect choice. Most gels allow comb-through for that structured, yet dry appearance. However, it is important to avoid using cheap gels that flake off in the hair. Depending on the type of gel, they come in firm and light hold varieties. For those with fine hair, light gels would do and for coarse hair, the firm gel is the proper choice. Gels are usually applied on wet hair that is allowed to dry naturally and then combed.




Adhering to the men’s hairstyling tips will not only give you the look you yearn for but will also bring you into the company of celebrities who sport hairstyles like yours!  [ajax_load_more]


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