Choose Your Sexy Dress For Valentine


February 14th is etched into the minds of young and adults alike, as if engraved in stone. And why not? This is the day to share love and intimacy, and feel romantic all over again! This day provides an opportunity to show your love for your partner by gifting flowers, exchanging cards and wooing him or her every which way.


Valentine’s Day, that dates back to the 3rd Century, is named after St. Valentine, a Christian martyr. As the story goes, when Valentine was a priest in Rome, Emperor Claudius II gave a strange order of outlawing marriages to prevent single men from getting married. This was because he believed that single men made better soldiers than those with families.


Valentine found this order difficult to digest andstarted solemnizing marriages clandestinely. It was only a matter of time before the emperor found this out and sentenced him to death. Valentine’s sordid act laid the foundation of the lovers’ day…the day when love is celebrated.


Celebrating the Valentine’s Day


Of course, you would want to look your best on the Valentine’s Day. Andthis is certainly not a family get together to go in for sober clothes. It is your lover you will be meeting and what you really need is a sexy dress for Valentine. And there is so much to choose from.

We give you 9of the sexiest ones!


#1 Plunging midi dress


Go for this velvet midi dress that plunges and shows your sexy side that is certain to rivet your partner’s eyes. Wearing this dress is certain to make this day special.


#2 Asymmetrical spaghetti strap gown

Why not look ravishing in red on this special day? Go for this asymmetrical spaghetti strap gown that exposes your lovely shoulders most teasingly.


#3 Low neckline dress

Become a beauty in black and tantalize your partner with a low neckline that complements this beautiful black dress.


#4 Bodycon dress

Let your sexy curves peep out in this neutral bodycon dress with slits. You can also pair it with a silk duster.


#5 Sweater dress

Got a sexy back? Why not display it in this sweater dress that enhances sexiness with an exciting back cutout.


#6 Bustier

Let it all show in this provocative bustier that is a delightful combination of lace and dark design on blood red outfit. Your partner is certain to swoon seeing this super steamy dress.


#7 Asymmetrical hemline dress

Ideal for those who are a wee bit conservative. This dress is a bit more formal with below-the-knee length asymmetrical hemline and shorter spaghetti straps. A perfect teaser for those newly in a relationship.


#8Off-the-shoulder dress

Be the woman in red in this bright crimson off-the-shoulder dress and asymmetrical hemline.


#9 Ultra mini

This ultra mini is certain to make your beau go weak in the knees! It titillates, yet retains its sophistication. A balconette bodice adorned with glitters gives this dress a special appeal.


Don’t miss the opportunity to look your best in yoursexy dress for Valentine. Choose the one that enhances your figure and beauty.


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